Troubleshooting Steps for Missing Transcripts/Closed Captions on Microsoft Classic Streams


This article provides instructions to correct the error where your Microsoft Classic stream video or Teams recording video recording is missing a transcript/captions. Transcripts can take up to 2x the video duration to appear. If it has been less than twice the recording length, the transcripts may still be processing.


If the transcript is still missing after a certain period, the owner of the video can try the following:

  1. Go to Update Video Details on the video with the issue.

Stream screen where the video is playing in a frame. Below the frame there are three horizontal dots, clicking on which opens a list with option to update video details.  like and

  1. In the Details area, select the Video Language

Details section under the Update video details page vidoe with a drop down menu to select the video language.

  1. Next, uncheck and then re-check the "Auto-generate a caption file" box to force Classic Stream to generate the transcript by restarting the process.
  • If you have issues re-checking the flag, make sure a language is set for the video).

Options section under the Update video details page with a checkbox to autogenerate a caption file under Captions heading.

Note: In some cases, you may not need to click the "Apply" button for this setting - it will apply automatically.


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