Setting up Bookings with Me Feature on Outlook


The article explains how users can setup the Bookings with Me feature within Microsoft Outlook.

What Is Bookings With Me?

Microsoft has introduced a new bookings feature called Bookings with me. Bookings with me in Outlook is a web-based personal scheduling page that integrates with the free/busy information from your Outlook calendar. Bookings with me lets people schedule a meeting or appointment with you. You can create custom meeting types to share with others so they can easily schedule time with you based on your availability and preferences. You both get an email confirmation and attendees can update or cancel scheduled meetings with you from your Bookings with me page.


  1. To get to your Bookings With Me page you will first need to go to and sign in.
  2. Once there, click on the Outlook icon.

The image points towards where the user could find the Outlook icon once logging into Microsoft Office

  1. Once Outlook for the web opens, click on the Setting icon on the top right and select on View All Outlook Settings.

The image shows where the user can find the Outlook settings icon, along with where he could locate the 'View all Outlook Settings' option.

  1. Next, click on Calendar where you should see Bookings with me.

The image shows where the user can locate the Calendar icon and the 'Bookings with me' icon within that

  1. On the Bookings with me tab, you should see a link to your Bookings with me in Outlook page.

The image shows where the user can find his personalized 'Bookings with me' link.

  1. Once you follow that link, your Bookings with me page will open. You have 2 options to select from in terms of your meeting type:

  • Public View – These types of meetings will be visible to everyone on your scheduling page.
    • Click on the Plus sign icon (+) as highlighted in the image below to add details about the meeting.
  • Private View – These types of meetings will be visible to only a select group of people who have a booking link.
    • Click on the Plus sign icon (+) as highlighted in the image below to add details about the meeting

The image shows the two views available (Public and Private) and how the user can add any details relevent to thier bookings

  1. Fill in your details to setup any private/public meeting.

The image shows what details the user needs to fill in for setting up their private/public booking page

  1. You can have a both a private and a public view setup at any point of time. After you set up your page and publish it, you can share it with others.

  • Example: You can add it to your Outlook signature.
  1. Once completed, you will have the final page that is visible to others.

The image shows the final page that would show up once the entire setup is done.


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