Scheduling Email Delivery in Outlook's Web Version


Microsoft Outlook allows you to time the delivery of your emails. You can schedule the delivery of an individual email for a specific time in the future, even after you hit the Send button.

Note: This article talks about how we can time the delivery of individual emails in the web version of Outlook. The steps mentioned here would not work on Outlook's desktop version.


  1. Start composing a new email by clicking the New Mail icon.
    • A new window will open to compose your email. 

Screenshot of outlolook highlighting the New mail button

  1. Once you are done drafting the email, click on the Downward-facing arrow next to Send to find the Schedule send option.

Screenshot of compose email window highlighting the send and schedule send button

  1. A "Schedule Send" dialogue box will appear where you can set the date and time for your email delivery.
    • You can select the default options if it seems suitable.

Screenshot of Schedule send options

  1. Outlook also gives you a "Custom Time" option where you can set the date and time of the email delivery.
    • The default time options available are at an interval of 30 minutes. However, you can edit the field and enter any time.

Screenshot of the Calendar to the schedule the email

  1. On hitting Send, the email would be saved in the drafts folder with a message stating the scheduled time and date.
    • The edit icon towards the right of the email in the Drafts folder gives you options to modify the email or send immediately.

Screenshot of the email with schedule send

  1. The email will be delivered automatically to the recipient on the set date and time.


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