How to Download or Delete Videos on Microsoft Stream Classic


This article contains information on how users can download and delete videos on Stream Classic. Microsoft Stream (Classic) is an enterprise video service for Microsoft 365. Stream Classic is now being replaced by a new solution, Stream (on SharePoint). Stream (on SharePoint) is an intelligent enterprise video experience that is a part of Microsoft 365.


You can launch the Stream on SharePoint application from the app launcher if you already have an active online M365 account.

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Office Home Page and click on the App Launcher icon on the top left corner of the home page.
  2. Select Stream from the apps listed.

Screen showing navigation to the Stream Application

Note: If you do not see the application there, click on the below highlighted Apps option and you should be able to see Stream there.

Screen showing an alternative way to navigate to the Stream Application

  1. The Stream (on SharePoint) homepage will open. Click on Welcome to Stream (on SharePoint). To visit Stream (classic) click here.  
    • This will take you to your Stream Classic Account.

Screen showing the link to enter Stream Classic

  1. Once on the Stream Classic Homepage, click on My Content > Videos.
    • All the videos that are uploaded will show up.

Screen showing the location of the videos uploaded to Stream Classic

  1. Search for the video you want to download/delete. Stream Classic gives various filtering options to search for the video you want.

Screen showing filtering options available in Stream Classic

  1. Once you get the video you want to download/delete, click on the More Actions icon (...).
    • Select the Download option if you want to download the video. The video should be downloaded to your local machine.
    • Select the Delete option if you want to delete the video. A confirmation message will appear, confirming your intent to delete the video. Click on the Delete the video option to confirm the deletion.

Screen showing the download and delete option within Stream Classic

Screen showing the message confirming user consent to delete the video

  1. Depending on your selection, the video will get downloaded or deleted from Stream (Classic).


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