Translate Message Feature in Outlook's Desktop Version

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This article contains information on the Translate Message feature in Outlook’s Desktop Version. With Outlook’s Translate Message add-in, language can never be a communication barrier. You can translate emails received into any language as per your preference, thanks to the add-in!

This article discusses how the add-in can be set up and used.


  1. Launch the desktop version of Outlook and open the email you want to translate.

  2. Click on the Translate icon within the Language group.

Image showing navigation towards the 'Translate' option

  1. If you are using the add-in for the first time, you must set up your translation preferences. Click on the Translation Preferences option highlighted below.

Image showing navigation towards the 'Translation Preferences'.

  1. A Language tab within the Outlook Options dialogue box will open.

  2. You can make any changes you want to make in the Translation section.

  • You can select how you want Outlook to manage emails received in other languages through the Radio button selection.
  • You must select the language you want the messages to be translated into.
  • You can choose not to translate an email received in specific languages using the Manage your languages option.
  • Select OK once you are satisfied with your settings.

Image showing the 'Translation' section where changes can be made to preferences.

  1. Once your settings are done, click on the Translate Message option. Your email will be translated to the language set as per your preferences.

Image showing the 'Translate Message' option.

  1. You can undo the translation by selecting Translate > Show Original.

Image showing navigation to Undo the translation.


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