CGI Under Your Own Home Page (Personal Webpage)

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This article has instructions to set up CGI for your personal webpages. We allow CGI access under personal webpages with the following restrictions:

  • Scripts are limited to 9 seconds of CPU time.
  • The Office of Information Technology cannot assist with specific CGI programming issues or instructions.

Setting up CGI

  1. Connect to Giant and navigate to ~/public_html.
  2. Type mkdir cgi-bin. This creates a directory for your CGI scripts.
  3. Type chmod 755 cgi-bin. This sets correct permissions for the directory.
  4. Type cd cgi-bin. This moves to the new CGI script directory.
  5. Write your script.
  • If you want to use PHP, then it should be embedded in the html file with:




  • Your scripts must be executable. chmod u+x scriptname.php.
  • The first line of your PHP script must be #!/usr/local/bin/php.
  • If using PERL, your script must begin with #!/usr/local/bin/perl.
  1. Execute your script at
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