Service Catalog

Categories (12)

Administrative and Business

Services that support the administrative and business functions of an institution.

Communication and Collaboration

Services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs.

Desktop and Mobile Computing

Services that support access and use of student, faculty, and staff computing devices and related peripherals.


Essential services that support and manage the operation of the enterprise IT environment, including Windows and Linux infrastructures.

IT Professional Services

The IT Professional Services includes consultation services not mentioned in other categories such as digital accessibility.

Network Connectivity

Network and connectivity management services that support the operation of the enterprise IT environment.

Research Support

Services supporting the institution's research activities, including advanced or specialized storage and applications, research data services and software, and lab management systems.

Safety Promotion & Risk Assurance

Services that support campus-wide hazard recognition, risk assessment, mitigation of unsafe conditions, emergency preparedness, and daily performance of safe practices.

Security and Access

Services that secure and defend the University's information assets assuring confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and accessibility.

Teaching and Learning

Instructional technology and resources directly supporting teaching and learning, such as learning management systems, instructional technology and design, assessment and learning analytics, lecture capture, polling, and surveys.

College and Department Specific Services

Services which are unique to or managed by an individual school or department on campus.

Cyberinfrastructure and Research Computing Services

Providing computing resources and training to facilitate research on campus.