Security and Access

Services that secure and defend the University's information assets assuring confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and accessibility.

Categories (7)

Access Management

Security group membership changes, user access transfers, and user account terminations.

Authentication and Account (NetID) Management

Improving business processes such as new account creation, unlocking locked accounts, reporting duplicate NetIDs, allowing individuals to access the right university services at the right time.

Directory Services

Store, organize and provide secure access to information about people, groups, and computing technology resources.

Data Request

Discovering, identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information in response to a Legal proceeding, Investigation, or Freedom of Information Act request.

Email Security

Services that increase the University's email security system to protect sensitive information, email accounts, and communications against unauthorized access, loss, or compromise.

Patch Management

Protect UTD-owned computers and data by installing patches that will help systems stay updated and secure.

Disabled Applications

Important information regarding applicants to which access has been disabled.

Services (2)

Report Security Incident

Use this service offering to report a potential security incident that you have observed.

Security General Inquiry

Submit a general question or concern to the Information Security Office.