Network Connectivity

Network and connectivity management services that support the operation of the enterprise IT environment.

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Campus Wired Network

UTD has an extensive wired computing and communications network available in academic and administrative buildings across campus.

Campus Wireless Network

CometNet, the primary Wi-Fi at UTD, is available across all academic facilities, medical departments, the Student Union, and the library. The University also participates in Eduroam, which provides secure Internet access for students, researchers, faculty, and staff traveling from participating institutions, and provides UTD-Guest for others on campus.

IP Address Management (IPAM)

IP Address Management (IPAM) is an integrated set of tools that helps with planning, deploying, managing, and monitoring the university's IP address management and infrastructure.

Network Management

Overall management and configuration of network services including equipment upgrade and/or replacement.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides secure access to restricted University data and resources using an off-campus computer through a secured Internet connection.