CometNet, the primary Wi-Fi at UTD, is available across all academic facilities, medical departments, the Student Union, and the library. The University also participates in Eduroam, which provides secure Internet access for students, researchers, faculty, and staff traveling from participating institutions, and provides UTD-Guest for others on campus.

Services (5)

CometNet Wi-Fi

CometNet is a secure wireless network (WPA2-Enterprise) for UT Dallas students, faculty, and staff with an active NetID.

Eduroam Wi-Fi

Eduroam is a secure wireless network for students, faculty, and staff from higher education institutions that participate in eduroam. Eduroam is also available to UT Dallas students, faculty, and staff when they are visiting other educational institutions.

UTD Guest Wi-Fi

UTDGuest is an open wireless network available on campus to accommodate short-term guests who simply need internet without full access to UTD network resources.

Other Wi-Fi Network

Event Wi-Fi or other Wi-Fi is available for planned events in order for guests to be granted easy wireless access on their devices for a limited time.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points (WAP) are wireless communication devices that support the university's Wi-Fi network.