Overall management and configuration of network services including equipment upgrade and/or replacement.

Services (7)


Cloudflare enables UTD to protect, accelerate, and enhance the performance of websites.

Domain Name System (DNS)

OIT manages and operates the central Domain Name OIT manages and operates the central Domain Name System (DNS). DNS is an internet technology used to convert domain names into IP addresses. OIT manages both internal and external DNS records for utdallas.edu and other UTD-owned domains.


UTD protects its private networks from unauthorized internet users by using a firewall that interacts with every message entering or leaving the intranet. It examines each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria.

Load Balancing

The Load Balancing service provides an additional degree of stability and redundancy for the University applications, systems, and servers residing behind UTD firewalls.

Network Equipment

OIT is responsible for the design, support, and operation of wired and wireless network equipment, including the addition, modification, and upgrades of equipment on campus.

Static NAT

Static NAT maps network traffic from a static external IP address to an internal IP address or network.

Virtual LAN (VLAN)

A virtual local area network (VLAN) allows UTD network staff to separate devices into different segments of the network.