Increase Storage Quota for Home Directory on ENGSTOR


This article defines the procedure for requesting an increase in storage quota for a home directory on ENGSTOR. This is only applicable to Engineering students, TAs, staff, and faculty. Currently, home directories on ENGSTOR have the following default storage quotas:

  • Students: 3GB
  • TAs - 4GB
  • Staff - 6GB
  • Faculty - 10GB

ENGSTOR can be accessed at \\engstor on Windows and /home/eng on macOS and Linux.


  1. Navigate to the Home Directory service.
  2. Select the Request Directory Configuration Update service offering.
  3. In the description, include how much additional space is needed and the justification.
  4. Click Request

Engineering Tech Support will verify the available resources and allocate them if possible. Additional storage allocation on ENGSTOR is at the discretion of Engineering Techs.

For further assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk.


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Mon 11/22/21 12:39 PM
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