What is PeopleSoft / Orion?


PeopleSoft is an enterprise application from Oracle. There are multiple components to the PeopleSoft application, including Campus Solutions, Human Capital Management, and Financial Management System.

At UTD, the entire PeopleSoft collection of services is called Galaxy, with each component having its name. The Campus Solutions component has been dubbed Orion, and the combination of Human Capital Management and Financial Management systems is called Gemini.


PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (Orion) is a type of Student Information System (SIS). It serves as the backbone of most areas dealing with student information, including but not limited to:

  • Academic Advisement - Gives students and faculty access to educational records and reports.
  • Campus Community - Provides a common source of campus data, coordinating all forms of communication to assist in managing administrative services.
  • Campus Self Service - Allows students and faculty members in self-service activities such as transcript requests, grade viewing, or accessing course calendars.
  • Financial Aid - Automates federal and institutional processing of financial assistance.
  • Admissions - Assists students and staff in planning, managing, and tracking admissions activities.
  • Student Financial - Provides tools for managing and calculating all student financial information. It includes tuition, fees, refunds, and other financial processes.
  • Student Records - Manages all aspects of enrollment, including the course catalog, class schedules, credit transfers, requisite restrictions, and more.

The PeopleSoft application interfaces with several other services that UTD OIT manages and provides to create a complete and feature-rich university technology solution.

The OIT Dx IGA PeopleSoft is responsible for managing access to the entire PeopleSoft suite. Multiple UTD and UT System teams work to develop and maintain the PeopleSoft environment.

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