Administrative and Business

Services that support the administrative and business functions of UTD. This includes business capability and process automation, financial and procurement systems, human resource systems, library systems, and student information systems.

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Business Capability and Process Automation

Facilitating practices, frameworks, and technologies that automate, improve and measure the effectiveness of business processes. It also includes IT service management; ticket management; operations, business, sales, and marketing management platforms; document and signature management services; customer relationship management; job scheduling; and workflow management.

Finance and Procurement Systems

Administration and management of financial services, procurement, travel, budget, vendor relations, equipment purchasing systems.

Human Resources Systems

Administration and management of core human resource systems that includes recruiting, position management, performance review, workforce development, time and attendance, payroll and benefits administration systems.

Library Systems

Administration and management of systems that provide access to local and remote information in support of teaching, learning and research. This also includes catalog, a public user interface, interlibrary loan, discovery tools, and infrastructure services specific to library systems.


Miscellaneous services.

Student Information Systems

Services and systems to address student admissions, enrollment, registration, orientation, financial aid, student accounts and collections, advising, and career services systems.

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