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This article has the instructions to fix Duo prompt issues on mac devices.
If the computer automatically sleeps, the connection will be lost on macOS. Follow the steps in this article to assist with this issue.
This article provides information to set up your Microsoft 365 email on your Mac mail. Microsoft 365 Email is supported in Mac Mail on MacOS 10.14 or higher.
This article provides the steps to install Code42 on UTD computers(Mac and Windows)
Follow these instructions if you receive the following error when trying to connect to CometNet or CometNet Legacy on a Mac computer: "Another device on the network is using your computer's IP address".
This article provides information about the software Jamf and instructions on how to install it on UTD-owned Macs.
This guide contains instructions on how to connect to a UTD computer that has been setup for Remote Desktop access, from a MacOS device.
This article can be helpful for users to add touch ID on their Mac for authentication with Duo.
This article provides instructions to remove the saved wireless network(s).
To use the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN on a Mac, you need to allow the VPN to install a kernel extension (kext).
This article shows how to use the GlobalProtect VPN on your Mac computer.
This article explains Macs with M-Series and the impact on applications.
This article provides information and instructions on how to manage mailbox delegates on your Mac device.
This article provides the steps needed to setup Microsoft 365 email on your Mac device.
This article provides the troubleshooting steps when Microsoft Word does not allow editing on a Mac.