Manage Mailbox Delegates on a Mac

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 This article provides information and instructions on how to manage mailbox delegates on your Mac device. 

Mailbox Delegates

Delegate Settings

When setting up a delegate, you will select from the following three permission levels. (the default level is “None”).

  • Reviewer: Delegate can read items in your folder.
  • Author: Delegate can read and create items and modify and delete items that he or she creates.
  • Editor: Delegate can read, create, modify and delete all items and files.

Note: When you set up delegate or shared access, delegates or users who share those folders have the ability to view your private contacts, events, or e-mail messages by using other software applications. To help protect your privacy, put private items in a separate, non-shared address book, calendar, or mail folder.

Setup Delegates

  • In the Menu Bar, select Tools > Accounts.

  • Click on the "Delegation and Sharing" button on the screenshot.

  • In the "Delegates" tab, select the + under "Delegates who can act on my behalf".

  • Search for and select Add for the person/people you wish to be a delegate.

  • Choose the permission settings for the delegate and select OK.


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