Share Microsoft Outlook Email to Microsoft Teams Chat / Share Micrsoft Teams Chat as Outlook Email


In Outlook, you can share emails to a Teams channel. In Teams, you can share chat conversations as an email with Outlook.


Outlook (Share to Teams)

  1. Select the email you would like to share.
  2. Select Share to Teams from the top banner of Outlook.

  1. Type the name of the people, group, or channel you would like to share the email with, type a message about the email if you would like, and select Share.
  • If the email you are sharing has attachments that you would like shared in the message to Teams, ensure the "Include attachments" box is checked.

Share to Microsoft Teams window with search bar, space to type an optional message and a checkbox to include attachments

  1. Your message and email will be shared to whoever you selected in Teams.

Teams (Share to Outlook)

  1. Select the More options icons (...) on the message that you would like share and select Share to Outlook.

Options for a chat message including Share to Outlook

  1. Enter the recipients you would like (and a message if you choose) and select Send. You can also select the arrow beside "Send" and select "Send later" and select a time for the email to send.

Outlook email screen

  1. The conversation will be sent as an email.


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