Delayed Delivery for All Emails in Outlook's Desktop Version

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This article contains information on how users can delay the delivery of all emails in outlook by up to 2 hours using rules.

Note: This feature is available only on Outlook's desktop version. You cannot set up rules to delay delivery of all emails on the web version.   


  1. Click on File>Manage Rules & Alerts.
  2. In the pop-up that appears next, click on New Rule.

Screenshot of Rules and Alerts

  1. In the "Rules Wizard" dialogue box, click on the Apply rule on the messages I send option in the "Start from a blank rule" template and click on Next.

Screenshot of  Rules Wizard

  1. You would now be required to select the conditions in which the rule is applicable.
    • Tick any checkbox you want to in this option.
    • You can customize delaying delivery to a specific recipient/group or even based on a particular word in the body/subject line of the email.
  2. If you do not select any check box and directly hit Next, the rule becomes applicable to every message you send.
    • Outlook will give you a warning message regarding the same. Click on Yes if you want the rule applied to all the emails you send.

Screenshot of the outlook warning

  1. Next, select the action you want the rule to perform. To delay the email delivery, tick the defer delivery by a number of minutes check box.
  2. In "Step 2" of the dialogue box, click on the hyperlink highlighted below and enter the number of minutes you want to delay your emails in the pop-up that appears.
    • You can delay your email delivery for up to 120 minutes.

Screenshot of  Rules Wizard

Screenshot of  Deferred Delivery

  1. The hyperlink will get updated with the number of minutes you have entered in the above pop-up. Once done, click Next.

Screenshot of  Rules Wizard

  1. Outlook will now ask you to specify any exceptions if necessary.
    • You can tick the check boxes for any exceptions. If you do not want exceptions to the rule, click on Next directly.
  2. To finish the rule setup, enter a name for the rule and review the rule for any changes. If everything looks good, click on Finish.
    • All your emails would now be in the outbox folder after you hit the send button.

Screenshot of  Rules Wizard

Note: You can view/edit or delete the rule when you click on File>Manage Rules & Alerts.
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