Communication and Collaboration

Services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs. Includes conferencing and telephones, email and collaboration services, media and audio/visual, and web services.

Categories (9)

Conferencing and Telephony

These services include telephony, including voice/VoIP, teleconferencing, and web conferencing hosted either in cloud or on-premises.

E-Mail and Calendaring

Includes services such as email, calendaring, productivity suites, file sharing, instant messaging tools, and web-based collaborative platforms used strictly for collaboration.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management provides users easy steps to resolve technical issues, and ensures the information provided is relevant and up to date.

Mass Communications and Emergency Notifications

One-way communications and emergency communications to the entire campus or other defined groups. Includes campus alert systems, broadcast email and text messaging, electronic newsletter distribution, enterprise mailing list management, and digital signage.

Media and Audio/Video

These services include broadcasting, live streaming, video recording and media production. This area includes audiovisual-related event support.

Microsoft 365 Applications

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based, integrated suite of collaboration solutions that includes Office, Teams and other tools.

Mobile Applications

Applications specifically designed for mobile device use.

Online File Storage and Sharing

Services for data and document storage and management needs including network shared, personal storage, document management, and cloud storage.

Web Services

These services include content management systems, portals, web hosting, web analytics, user experience design, and URL management. Also includes website and mobile application development.

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