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REDCap definitions
This article provides instructions on renewing your study on Cayuse.
This article provides information regarding CITI frequently asked questions.
This article features detailed steps on how to set up an approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) electronic consent (e-consent) form through using a customized REDCap template, ‘IRB Consent Form: Participant Signature Required’.
UT Dallas Links “shortens” a URL link for easy sharing. It should only be used to shorten links to university-affiliated websites and activities.
Carousel is a cloud based digital signage software that allows users to quickly create, publish and manage messages to students, staff and customers. Digital signage also helps schedule a news feed, integrate a calendar or create a message through sample templates.
This article outlines the guidelines on Travel Costs on federally funded contracts and grants at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).
Primary methods on how to add multiple participants with unique identifiers
How to break out of a survey
This article summarizes the REDCap data collection/management tool, Field Embedding by describing its capabilities, limitations, best practices and detailed instructions on how users can create an embedded field.
This article shows the process on how to use IRB: Participant Health Screen template in REDCap.
This article shows a detailed description on how to set up an approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) electronic consent (e-consent) form, using a customized REDCap template.
Steps on how to access REDCap.
This article shares information on a survey and data collection service called REDCap.
This article is a guide that assists non-UTD users in following steps on requesting approval to conduct research at the Sammons BrainHealth Imaging Center at UTD (“BHIC”).