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Why Is It Necessary to Log in Using Single Sign-On (SSO)?

The CITI training can be linked with Cayuse for HSR submissions, but you must sign in using your UTD NetID and password in order for the systems to link together. Once the course has been completed, your training records will automatically pull into Cayuse for all applications on which you are listed. This step eliminates the need to upload your CITI completion certificate as a separate document into the application form.

Which Training Course Should I Complete?

  • Human Subjects Protection (HSP) Training
    • The HSP training must be completed by all personnel engaged in human subjects research. The HSP - Social & Behavioral is appropriate for the majority of research studies conducted at UTD (Surveys, interviews, observations, analysis of existing data, etc.). The HSP – Biomedical course is appropriate if your research involves biomedical procedures.
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training
    • All study personnel working on a federally funded project that qualifies as a Clinical Trial (as defined by the NIH) must complete the GCP training as well. The GCP - Social & Behavioral should be completed if the purpose of the research involves investigating the effect of an intervention. The GCP - Biomedical should be completed if the research involves devices that are still in the investigational stage.

How Often Do I Need to Renew the Training?

The training must be renewed every three (3) years to maintain knowledge of ethical considerations and regulations regarding human research protections. This requirement reflects UTD’s commitment to the protection of the rights and welfare of human participants in research.

Note: All study personnel who do not complete the requisite training requirements within the required timeframe may be restricted from engaging in research involving human participants until the requirements are met. HSR approval may be withheld if personnel involved with the study have not completed the training within the required timeframe.

Can Non-UTD Personnel Complete the CITI Training?

Yes, personnel external to UTD who are conducting human subjects research at UTD or in collaboration with UTD researchers must also complete the required training or provide proof of equivalent training. The unaffiliated personnel can create a free account, select University of Texas at Dallas as their affiliation, and complete the appropriate course.

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All individuals conducting research with human participants must complete the Human Subjects Protection training modules through the CITI Program before the Human Subjects Research Office will review an application.