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Users who have installed and activated the Duo Mobile app on their cell phones can authenticate by accepting a push notification, which is much quicker and easier than using the Phone or SMS authentication methods. The Duo Mobile app also allows you to authenticate using generated login codes, which works even if your device is not connected to the Internet.

Activating Duo Mobile

If you do not have Duo Mobile installed and activated, follow these instructions to set it up.

  1. Using a desktop computer (not a phone), navigate to
  2. Log in using your UTD email address (e.g. and your UTD account password. This will open the Duo authentication page.
  3. Instead of authenticating normally, click on My Settings & Devices.

Screen to go to My Settings and Devices.

  1. Confirm your identity by using one of the options listed on the page.
    • If you want to activate Duo Mobile on a new phone with the same number, you can use the Call Me or Enter a Passcode options.
    • Otherwise, if your phone number is not already registered with Duo, please call the OIT Help Desk. One of our representatives will be able to release a bypass code.

Screen to choose one of the three authentication methods.

  1. If you are activating Duo Mobile on a device that has already been added to Duo, click Device Options and then Reactivate Duo Mobile.
    • If you have not already added your device to Duo, click Add Another Device.

Add Another Device option to add your device to Duo.

  1. On the next screen, add information about your mobile device.

Screen to add information about the mobile device to be added.

  1. Next, install the Duo Mobile app on your phone (make sure the icon matches the one shown on the page) and click I Have Duo Mobile Installed.

Option to install Duo Mobile.

  1. You will see a QR code on your computer. Open the Duo Mobile app on your phone, click the Plus sign icon (+) and scan the QR code to activate Duo Mobile.
    • You can also get an activation link emailed to you if your phone does not have QR code scanning capabilities.
  2. Click on Continue.

QR code to activate Duo mobile.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated or reactivated Duo Mobile.

Authenticating via Duo Push

Follow these instructions to authenticate with Duo by accepting a push notification on your phone.

  1. To authenticate with Duo using push notification, select Send Me a Push on the authentication screen.
    • You will get a message that says, “Pushed a login request to your device...”.

Authentication screen for Duo Push option.

  1. On your phone, open the notification and select Approve. It would help if you were automatically logged in.

Screen to approve authentication request on mobile device.

Authenticating via a Login Code

Follow these instructions to authenticate with Duo by entering an automatically generated login code. Duo Mobile can generate login codes for authentication even when your phone is not connected to the Internet.

  1. Open the Duo app and find the “University of Texas at Dallas” protected login.
  2. Click on Show to see the passcode. Select Refresh passcode to generate another login code.

Authentication screen for Login Code option.

  1. To use the code, select Enter a Passcode from the authentication screen, enter the code, and select Log In.

Screen to enter passcode to complete authentication.


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