Manage Devices on Duo Mobile

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If you would like to add another device to your account, add another phone number, or remove a device, this can be completed through the manage devices screen.


  1. In your web browser, navigate to a resource that is protected by Duo (such as the Office 365 Portal ( or Box (
  2. On the Duo authentication prompt, select My Settings & Devices. This step must be done before authenticating.
Note: Please note that the Duo authentication prompt will appear only if you log in from some other network and/or device than the one that you have used recently and have saved for 30 days.

Duo authentication screen with My Settings & Devices option selected.

       3. Authenticate with Duo using your preferred method.

Note: If you have recently changed cellular devices but retain the same phone number, you will need to authenticate via "phone" or "SMS". The SMS option can be chosen by clicking "Enter a Passcode". An option will appear at the bottom of the box to have a passcode sent by text message.

Device Options

Once logged in, you have a number of options to select:

  1. Click on Add new device, this will direct you to authenticate with Duo. 

My Settings & Devices screen with Add a new device tab on the left selected. You can add a new device by clicking on the +Add another device and select the default device.

  1. Authenticate with your preferred method. 

Duo authentication screen to add a new device via call, passcode, or push.

  1. After authenticating, select the device you want to add, and click Continue. This will redirect you to another page where you add the device details.
  2. Click Save.

What type of device are you adding? screen with 5 options -1.Mobile phone, 2.Tablet, 3.Landline, 4.Security Key, 5.Touch ID.

  1. After saving the new device, the page goes back to the existing devices. Here you can manage your devices, and change your preferred method to authenticate. 


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