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Teams meetings can be scheduled directly from the Teams calendar, but they can also be scheduled from Outlook if needed.
This article will explain how to use the TeamDynamix (also known as Atlas) integration app for Microsoft Teams, which allows you to easily send interactive messages containing information from tickets, knowledge articles, and more. You can use this app in any Teams chat message or channel post.
This article provides steps on how to install the Teams App. on your smartphone device (iOS and Android).
An external user outside of UTD needs to have a Guest Microsoft Teams account to be able to present in a live event.
Teams now allow you to add Q&A to your Teams meetings and Webinars. This new feature gives you yet another way to get more audience engagement. You can add Q&A at any time in a Teams meeting. The following instructions are for adding Q&A when creating a meeting and how Q&A works in Teams meetings.
This article shows you how to schedule chat messages in Microsoft Teams desktop or mobile application.
This article will provide some valuable best practice suggestions to ensure zero loss of data or information from the date of joining till the last date of employment.
This article provides information and instructions on accessing the live event reports.
This article provides information on how to change your Microsoft Teams status.
This article contains information on how to access Bookings in Microsoft Teams, and it also covers the content on Schedule a booking in the Teams Bookings app.
Teams has just come out with a brand-new feature that allows you to stream your Teams meetings to a third-party site like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. This can all be done through the Custom streaming app.
This article explains what Microsoft Premium is and how UTD is looking to integrate it in the future.
This article goes over all of the features that are included with Virtual appointments on both desktop and mobile,
This article provides FAQ on Microsoft Teams.