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This article provides the instructions to troubleshoot Microsoft Teams Application issues.
Teams meetings can be scheduled directly from the Teams calendar, but they can also be scheduled from Outlook if needed.
This article provides instructions on scheduling a meeting in Microsoft Teams.
This article explains how to change audio devices on your Mac/PC or smart phone.
This article contains information on Shared Channel in Teams and instructions on how users can create their first Shared Channel.
The article will explain whether an external user can become a presenter in a Teams Live Event.
This article will provide instructions for not getting calls while teaching a class on Microsoft Teams.
This article outlines the steps to add a second account in Teams.
Over time, such teams can accumulate and burden tenant resources therefore we have an automatic expiration policy in place.
This article contains information about Teams Live Events and the differences between regular Teams meetings and Teams Live Events.
This article will show you how to change a Teams meeting recording expiration date.
This guide is only needed if an external user needs to participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting. This can be done by simply inviting them to the meeting with their full email address.