Adding a Teams Account from Another Organization


With Multi-Tenant Multi-Account (MTMA) support in the new Teams, you can sign into multiple work or school accounts (or as a Guest in other organizations) without signing in on multiple web browsers.  

When you add accounts to your Teams desktop app, you can:  

  • Receive real-time notifications from all the accounts (and all associated organizations); 
  • Participate in chats, meetings, and calls across multiple accounts and organizations without dropping from a call or meeting to switch accounts/orgs, and 
  • Set your status for each account and organization individually. 

Adding Account

  • Select your Profile picture at the top right of the new Teams.
  • Select Add another account

Multiple accounts signed in, in Teams.

If your account is a Guest in another organization, it will appear automatically. To learn more, see Manage accounts and organizations in Microsoft Teams. 


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Thu 11/30/23 5:27 PM
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