How to Join a Team in Microsoft Teams


This article walks users through the steps needed to join a Team in Microsoft Teams.

Video Tutorial 


  1. Go to the Teams tab in MS Teams.

teams homepage left-panel highlighting the Teams icon

  1. Click on Join or create a team in the bottom left corner.

Screenshot of Teams tab highlighting the Join or create a team option

  1. At the top right, type a specific team name in the search box and press Enter.

Image of Join a team section highlighting the search section

  1. Find the team that you're looking for and select Join team.

Screenshot of the search results highlighting the Join Team option

Note: You may immediately join a public team, but you must request to join a private team and then wait for the owner's approval to access the team and its channels. If a team owner hasn't enabled the discoverability of their private team, you won't be able to find it by using search. You'll need to contact them directly to request to join.


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