How to Record a Video Clip in Microsoft Teams


This article has instructions that can help you record a video clip that you can send to people in one-on-one and group chats in MS Teams.


  1. Go to any One-on-One or Group chat in Teams where the video clip is to be sent.
  2. Select the Record a Video Clip icon located to the left of the send button (under the box where you type a message).The chat box and the panel below it with highlighted record video clip icon next to send button.
  1. Click the red Record button.

 Recording screening with highlighted Record button.

Note: You can pause and continue the recording as many times as you need. And the recording time is limited to 1 minute.
  1. When you're done recording, select Review.

Recording screening after completion of recording with highlighted Review button.

  1. You can trim your video clip at your convenience using the panel next to the play button.

 Review screen with highlighted panel below the video.

  1. After the recording is reviewed, you can send it by clicking the Send button.
  2. Your video clip is now successfully recorded and sent. 



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