How to Join and Leave a Team in Microsoft Teams


Joining a Team

Joining a Team is very simple and can be done in one of two ways.  

  • On the left side of the program, there is a button labeled Teams that you need to click on.  

  • When clicked, it displays all teams you are currently in. On the top right corner of the window, there is a button labeled Join or create a team.  
    • When selected, you are brought to a catalog of teams you are able to join. You can also search for a specific team if you do not see it listed.  

  • When hovering over the team, you'll see a button that is labeled Join team. Selecting this button will add you to the team.  

Leaving a Team

  • In order to leave a team, you will need to view the team profile on the left of the window.
    • This is usually where you see the different channels that the team has. Next to the team’s name, there are three dots (...)

  • Clicking on those three dots will open a menu. In that menu is an option to Leave team. Pressing this button will remove you from the team.  


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