Standard Teams Meetings vs Channel Teams Meetings


This article draws the difference between teams meeting and channel teams meetings. When you create a meeting from a team or if you add a channel when scheduling a meeting it will be a channel meeting. Channel meetings will show in the channel they were scheduled with and anyone in the team can join that meeting.

Key Differences

Although the functionality of a channel meeting is similar to a standard Teams meeting, there are several key differences that you should be aware of:


  • Standard Meeting: Anyone in the meeting can use the meeting chat. The meeting chat will show in each person's Chat area of Teams.
  • Channel Meeting: Since the channel meeting happens within a team, only the people in that team will be able to use or view the chat. Other users will see an error: "Only team members can chat. Ask the team owner to make you a member."


  • Standard Meeting: The recording will be posted in the meeting chat as well as stored in Stream. All the attendees can access the recording.
  • Channel Meeting: Only the people in the team will have access to the recording and they can view it from Stream or the meeting chat. People who are not in the team cannot view it from the chat or Stream, but the owner of the recording can give them permission to view the recording in Stream.


  • Standard Meeting: Can be scheduled from Outlook or Teams.
  • Channel Meeting: Must be scheduled in Teams itself. Channels cannot be edited once the invite is sent, so you will need to send a new invite if you need to update the meeting details.


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