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This article walks users through the steps needed to add additional owners to a Team.
This article walks users through the steps needed to join a Team in Microsoft Teams.
The article explains how we can integrate LinkedIn with Outlook and Teams. Users can follow the same instructions for both Outlook browser and desktop application (Windows).
This article lists OIT recommended headsets.
This article provides the steps for switching Teams viewing options.
This article show show to share emails to Teams and share chats to email.
This article provides troubleshooting steps when scheduling a meeting, the user does not see all of their Teams/Channels/Courses in the dropdown box after selecting "Add Channels".
This article provides troubleshooting steps when Microsoft Teams Meeting Options Page does not display/load.
The article will explain the minute differences between the Microsoft Teams features such as Teams, Channel, Membership, Roles, and Settings.
This article outlines the steps to add a second account in Teams.
This article provides FAQs and additional information regarding Automatically- Provisioned Course Teams.
This guide is only needed if an external user needs to participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting. This can be done by simply inviting them to the meeting with their full email address.
Teams will now support Chat with Self, a way to send yourself messages, images, files and do everything you can in a regular chat. A Chat with Self is a space that’s just for you. You can try out new features within the confines of a safe sandbox, send notes to yourself, share content with yourself to be able to access it easier across your different devices, and more.
This article provides instructions to better guide you while you use Microsoft Teams on an iPad.
This article walks users through the steps needed to manage and adjust the camera settings in Microsoft Teams.