Switching Microsft Teams Viewing Options

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This article provides the steps for switching Teams view. By default, your Teams will be in the Grid view, which shows all your teams in a grid where you select one team and have to go back to another grid to use another team. Alternatively, you can use the list view, which shows all of your teams in a scrolling list that you can click through.

Switch View

  1. Click on the Teams tab on the left panel to bring up all the teams you are currently a part of.
  2. Click on the Gear icon (more options) from the top right that and select Switch view.

Drop down menu with 2 options- 1. Manage Teams 2.Switch view

  1. The "General" tab of Settings will open where you can select either Grid or List view.

General tab of Settings option with various themes and layouts

  1. You can get to the same page above to swap your view by opening your settings from the user menu by selecting Settings.

Teams app main page view with three dots on the upper right corner clicked to display settings


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