Automatically- Provisioned Course Teams FAQs


For these Teams, all instructors of record and teaching assistants (TAs) of the course will be made Team owners. This will allow these users to change settings on the Team. Although this also allows these users to add additional team members, this is not permitted due to FERPA regulations. Members added outside of the processes outlined above will be automatically removed.

For these Teams, a special team type of "Class" is used. This provides additional functionality, including Insights, Reflect, and the ability to mute students. As a reminder, all graded/evaluated content, including discussions, must be kept in eLearning.


OIT will be responsible for the technical troubleshooting of Teams and Stream. In addition, OIT will advise on functionality and can help confirm what features are available on the Teams and Stream platforms.

ETS will be responsible for providing teaching use cases and troubleshooting processes / workflows related to teaching. Additional instructions from ETS are available on this page under "Content Creation Tools":

Team Settings

The following settings will be set on all course teams by default. Team Owners can update these settings.

  • Allow New Channels: OFF (ON only for Owners)
  • Allow Channel Deletion: OFF (ON only for Owners)
  • Allow Apps: OFF
  • Allow Tab Creation: OFF (ON only for Owners)
  • Allow Connectors: OFF
  • Allow Users to Edit their Messages: ON
  • Allow Users to Delete their Messages: ON
  • Allow the Team to be Mentioned: ON
  • Allow Channels to be Mentioned: ON
  • Allow Stickers/Memes: ON

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Happen to Course Teams at the End of the Semester?

At the end of each semester, auto-provisioned course Teams will have all students removed. Only instructors of record will be kept in the Team as owners. Faculty then can keep or delete Teams as they desire. Eventually, the Team will expire and will have to be renewed to be retained (read more about renewals).

Can I Combine Course Teams?

Course Teams will automatically appear combined for Cross-Listed courses in Orion. At this time, courses that are merged by the instructor in eLearning using the Merge Course Tool will not have combined Course Teams.

Can Faculty Request Team Owner Access on Auto- Provisioned Teams?

All instructors of record and TAs (excluding undergraduate teaching interns) are provisioned as owners. If faculty would like to remove TAs’ owner access, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Can Faculty Change the Name of a Team?

No, Team names are assigned automatically based on course and semester. This allows team members to be automatically updated.

How Do HyFlex Courses Work with MS Teams?

Only the parent section (that contains all students) is provisioned to Teams.

What Happens if I Accidentally Leave the Team?

Users will be re-added to the team within 2 minutes if they attempt to remove themselves, although it can take up to 24 hours for the change to appear everywhere.

What Happens if a Team Gets Deleted? Will It Get Recreated?

If someone with owner access deletes the Team, it should be restored automatically within 48-72 hours. To expedite this, submit a ticket to the OIT Help Desk. Note that restore requests are only processed Monday-Friday.

I Just Added/Dropped a Course, When Will the Team or Group Appear/Disappear from My View?

The feed to add/remove users runs Monday-Saturday and should be complete by 9am each day. It can take up to 24-48 hours for a drop or add to reflect in all parts of Teams/Office 365.

Can Faculty Add Additional Users, Like Graders or Course Designers?

Yes, this can be requested by following the Course Support Users process through the Office of the Registrar.

Can Faculty Add Additional Channels to These Teams?

Yes, owners (including faculty) in the Team can add/remove channels. Team owners can adjust this setting.

Can Faculty Add Tabs to These Teams?

Yes, all users (including students) in the Team can add/remove tabs. The primary instructor can adjust this setting.

Can I Request a Different Team Be Created for My Course with Fewer Restrictions?

Creating a separate Team is highly discouraged as it requires faculty to manually manage Team membership and protect FERPA-protected data. However, a separate team can be requested at Faculty members requesting this option will be required to manually add students and remove students if they drop the class.

I Am Missing a Course That I Am Taking. What Should I do?

Verify that the course appears in Orion in your schedule, and that at least one feed has run since you enrolled. Feeds run by 9am Monday-Saturday. Then contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance.

I Am Missing a Course That I Am Teaching. What Should I do?

If you were recently added to the course in Orion, it will take until the next feed (by 9am Monday-Saturday, no feeds on Sundays) for the Team/Group to appear. You must be an instructor-of-record to be added to the Team. If you are listed in Orion in the instructor field and a feed has run, please contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance.

What Happens to Content in the Team After the Semester Ends?

All previous semesters’ Teams will continue to be available to the respective faculty as the owners of that Team.

I Am Not Using the Auto- Provisioned Team. How Do I Request It Be Removed?

The Team cannot be removed, but it can be hidden from view. Click the three dots next to the name of the Team and choose Hide.


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