How to Setup Your Home Page (Personal Webpage)

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  • Create an SSH connection using the instructions here.
  • Type makeweb.
Note: Do not close PuTTY.

PuTTY terminal window.

  • Put your index.html in your public_html folder on your H: drive (Home Directory)
Note: You will need to create your own index.html file based on what you want your website to look like. The file must be called “index.html” (case sensitive).
  • Return to PuTTY.
  • Type cd public_html. This will navigate to your web directory.
  • Type chmod 644 index.html.
  • This will change the access permissions of the specified file. You will need to repeat this step for any other pages you add to your web directory. Replace "index.html" with the file names of any other files you would like to add.

PuTTY terminal window with commands to change directory and add html file.

  • You can get the list of files in this directory with the command: ls

PuTTY terminal window with the list of files in the specified directory.

If you are unsure of what your PEA is or are unable to access your website using your PEA, please contact the help desk at 972-883-2911 or by email at


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