Using Microsoft OneDrive (Browser)


This article will show the basics of using OneDrive on a browser. Sections included:

  • Accessing OneDrive through the Web
  • Upload files or Folders to OneDrive
  • Manage Files and Folders
  • OneDrive

Using OneDrive in a Browser

Accessing OneDrive (Web)

  • Go to and log in with your UT Dallas email ( and password. 
    • You will also need to authenticate with Duo.

Screenshot of the SignIn page

  • Select the Nine-dots icon at the top-left corner of the screen and choose OneDrive

Image of all the M365 application

  • Once inside OneDrive, you will be presented with the file system displaying all your files and folders.

Upload Files/Folders to OneDrive

  • Select Upload > Files or Folder.

Screenshot of the OneDrive Homepage highlighting the Upload button

  • Select the files you want to upload and click Open.
  • If you don't see the options to Upload > Folder, create a folder and then upload the files to that folder.

Create a Folder

  • Select New > Folder.

  • Type a name for the folder and select Create.

Screenshot of the "Create a folder" section

Manage Files and Folders

  • Right-click the file or select the More options icon (...).

Screenshot of the document list in the OneDrive homepage

  • Select whichever command you would like to do on the file or folder.

Collaborate in OneDrive

  • Select the files or folder you'd like to share > Share.

Screenshot of the OneDrive Homepage highlighting the Share button

  • Enter a name or an email address for the person you wish to share with.

Screenshot of the sharing options

  • Select people you specify can view to change the ability to edit the document.
    • Select the settings you would like > Apply.

Screenshot of the link settings

  • Select how you'd like to share:
    • Send - you can add a message if you wish and automatically send the sharing message.
    • Copy Link - gives you a link that you can then give to others.
    • Outlook - allows you to open the sharing message in Outlook and type your message before sending it.

Stop/Change Sharing

Note: You must be the owner or have edit permissions to stop/change sharing permissions.
  • Select the file or folder you want to edit sharing for.
  • Select Information in the upper-right corner > Manage access under the Has Access pane.
  • Under Links Giving Access or Direct Access:
    • You can delete shared links and edit the access to those links.
    • Select Can Edit to allow shared documents/folders to be edited.
    • Select Can View to allow a read-only access.
    • Select Stop Sharing to remove all access.
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