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Creating a Folder in OneDrive

This knowledge article provides step-by-step instructions for creating files in Microsoft OneDrive. Whether you’re using the web interface or an Office desktop app, you’ll learn how to efficiently create and manage your files in OneDrive.

How to Color Code Folders in Microsoft OneDrive

This article tells how to change the color of your folders in Microsoft OneDrive.

How to View and Delete Files from Microsoft OneDrive

This article walks users through the steps needed to view and delete files from Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive Teams Meeting Recording Expiration

This article will show you how to change a Teams meeting recording expiration date.

Restoring Documents in OneDrive

This article covers the basics of restoring previous versions of other files and viewing your version history in OneDrive.

Save a File to Microsoft OneDrive

This article shows how to save a file from an Office365 application directly to OneDrive.

See and Manage Your OneDrive Files

This article shows how to see and manage the files and folders on OneDrive installed on your computer.

Using Microsoft OneDrive (Browser)

This article will show the basics of using OneDrive on a browser.

Using OneDrive (Mac)

This article covers the basics of using OneDrive on your Mac.

Using OneDrive (Windows)

This article walks you through the basics of using One Drive on Windows.