Best Practices for Microsoft OneDrive

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This article will provide some valuable best practice suggestions to ensure zero loss of data or information from the date of joining till the last date of employment. Therefore, please follow the below instructions for a few applications imperative to our team’s performance.

Note: The processes mentioned are for a Windows Computer / PC. For additional information, read KA 625.


The files on a user’s drive are private until they are shared. Remember when you share folders within your team with edit permissions, they can add the shared folders to their OneDrive. This allows them to easily store and access the folder and their other work folders.   

Note: An individuals OneDrive is deleted 28 days after they have been terminated from UTD. They must share and transfer necessary files and documents from their individual OneDrive account to the team’s shared folder to ensure no data loss.

Own a Private Group

  • Navigate to, and select the Waffle icon > OneDrive.

Screenshot of the all the apps in OneDrive

  • Click on the Small Arrow icon next to "New" and select Folder.

Screenshot of the OneDrive homepage highlighting the new folder option

  • Enter a name for the folder and select Create.

Screenshot of the Create folder pop-up highlighting Create button

  • Select the files you want to add/upload to the folder.

Add Multiple Owners

  • In addition to the steps mentioned above, click on the three dot icon (...) next to the folder name and choose Manage Access from the drop-down.

Screenshot of the Onedrive homepage highlighting the Manage Access icon

  • Select Advanced as shown below.

Screenshot of the manage access pop-up highlighting Advanced option

  • Navigate to Grant Permissions.

Screenshot of the permissions section highlighting the Grant Permissions option

  • On the permissions dialog box, provide the following details:
  1. Enter the name of your team members who need to be added to the folder.
  2. Include a message (if any is required).
  3. Check the Share everything in this folder, even the items with unique permissions option.
  4. Select the Send an email invitation option.
  5. Choose Full control on the permission level drop-down.
  6. Select Share.

Screenshot highlighting all the invite options

  • The email user should select Open to access the team folder on OneDrive.

Screenshot of the invite email highlighting the Open button

Share by Using the "Copy link"

  • Navigate to the folder you would like to share on OneDrive.
  • Click on the three dot icon (...) next to the folder and select Share.

Screenshot of OneDrive homepage highlighting the Share button

  • Enter the name of your team members.
  • Click on the drop-down icon and select Can edit.

Screenshot of the sharing options highlighting the Can edit option


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