Setup Your Microsoft 365 Email on Outlook (Windows)


This article walks you through the steps needed to setup your M365 Email on Outlook via Windows. Only Microsoft 365, Office 2019, and Office 2016 versions of Outlook are supported on Windows.

Setup Your Microsoft 365 Email

  1. Open the Outlook App on Windows by searching on the search bar next to the Windows icon.

Windows app menu with Outlook app highlighted

  1. If you have used Outlook before select File > Add Account.

Outlook Account information page with option to add account

  1. Enter your email address ( and select Connect.

Outlook screen for entering the account

  1. Enter your NetID password and select Sign in.

Screen to enter NetID password and Sign in

  1. Authenticate with Duo

Duo authentication screen with option to authenticate via push, call or passcode

  1. Select Done.

Screen showing that the account has been added successfully, with Done button at the bottom right

  1. Select OK.

Message showing that Mail Delivery Location for some of the new email messages and calendar information has changed. An OK button is at the bottom to acknowledge the message

  1. Select Done.

Screen showing Account has been successfully added and Done button at the bottom to finish the setup

Note: If this is your first time using outlook, then you will get a screen prompting you to enter your email id. The rest of the steps would be the same as above. However, if you install the the Microsoft 365 apps including Outlook after logging into your Office account at UTD, then all your details would be added and you may not be required to follow all the steps listed above.
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Email at UT Dallas is provided by Microsoft Office 365 and is sometimes called “Exchange Online” email. Office 365 email is protected by Duo & modern authentication.