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This article has instructions for connecting to CometNet on a Windows computer, specifically Windows 10.
This article guides users in the downloading process of Firefox to avoid stale pages or log-in issues when using Galaxy. Firefox 102.3.0 ESR is the only supported browser for Orion and Gemini access.
The steps below will show you how to check your hardware specifications on a Windows computer.
This article assists you in finding your MAC address in a Window device.
The scope of the article is to help understand why a Windows computer monitor is zoomed in and cannot be zoomed out.
This article provides the steps to install Fusion software on UTD owned computers using the Software Center.
This article provides instructions on how to restore shared drive files for Windows.
This article provides the steps to install Code42 on UTD computers(Mac and Windows)
JMP Pro 16 is available to UTD staff, faculty, and students. This article is a guide on how to install the Windows version of the software.
These instructions will help you access MATLAB remotely or on a computer where you do not have the application installed.
This article provides the steps to install Code42 on UTD computers using Software Center.
This article will help you download and install the latest GlobalProtect VPN on your Windows computer.
This article covers the basics of restoring previous versions of other files and viewing your version history in OneDrive.
This article walks you through the basics of using One Drive on Windows.
This article walks you through the steps needed to setup your M365 Email on Outlook via Windows.