JMP Pro Installation Guide (Windows)


JMP Pro 16 is available to UTD staff, faculty, and students. Below is a guide on how to install the Windows version of the software.

  • Please see OIT’s How-To guide to connect to the UTD VPN.
  • Open File Explorer and click This PC. Select Map network drive from the explorer ribbon. Sometimes, the explorer ribbon is not visible. Click on three horizontal dots(...) located at the top pane to display a drop down with map network drive option.

File Explorer ribbon with Map network drive icon.

  • The drive letter is arbitrary, and you can change it to any open letter.
  • Input the folder name \\\UTD\AllShare.
  • Check the corresponding boxes for Reconnect at sign-in and connect using different credentials. Click Finish.

Map network drive window with fields to delect the drive and input the folder name. There are checkboxes to Reconnect at sign-in and connect using different credentials.

  • Type in your NetID and password in the network credentials dialogue box. As shown below, type campus\ followed by your NetID.
    • Example: campus\abc123456. Enter your UTD password.

Windows security window to enter network credentials.

On-campus installations

  • Please see how to map UTD’s AllShare drive to your PC.
  • Open File Explorer, go to This PC and locate the drive labeled AllShare (\\\UTD).
  • In the AllShare drive, navigate to Installs > JMP > Windows > JMP PRO 16.

Navigation  bar showing the path to JMP Pro folder.

  • Copy and paste the JMP PRO 16 folder to your computer.
  • Open the folder and double-click the batch file named install.

JMP Pro 16 folder contents including the install file.

  • The device will ask if you want to allow JMP to make changes to your device. Click Yes.
  • The file will run by opening a black window on your screen. Please wait. It will disappear once the installation is complete. You might get a warning or error message. Please ignore that.
  • Click the Windows start button and search for JMP Pro 16 and launch the software.

Windows search bar with JMP Pro 16 searched.

  • Once launched, JMP will ask if you want to register your software. Select Wait to Register.

Issues with licensing? 

  • Please ensure that you download all the files within -C:\Installs\JMP\Windows\JMPPRO16.0
  • Launch JMP PRO 16.0.
  • It will state your license is expired. Select the Open License option.

JMP dialog window showing license has expired. It has a button at the bottom labeled open license.

  • Locate the SID Text file as shown in the image below. You can find the sid file by navigating to the JMP Pro 16.0 folder that you downloaded from the AllShare drive. For this demonstration, the path is C:/JMPPRO16.0. Select Open.

Dialog box to open SID Text file under the JMP Pro 16 folder.

  • It will generate a .PER file and request you to save it.
  • If you are not presented with any errors, SKIP THIS STEP.
  1. Providing you cannot save the .per file or see an error that the specified file cannot be found, navigate to C:\Program Files\SAS\JMPPRO\16 and save the .per file there.
  2. You can also save the .per file anywhere on your computer.
  • Subsequently, a dialogue box may pop-up requesting details of an administrator's name or university; please leave that blank.

JMP dialogue box for entering details of an administrator's name or university.

  • The last screen will ask you to register or wait to register. Choose Wait to Register. And you are set!

JMP Registration box with two buttons - register now and wait to register.

Updating JMP PRO 16.0

To use the latest version of the software, you must update the software. For this example, we will showcase the updating process of JMP Pro 15 as the aforementioned JMP Pro 16 is the latest version of the available software.

Please follow the below instructions to update your software in the future:

  • To do so, open JMP Pro 15. Click Help in the top right.
  • Select About JMP from the dropdown menu.

JMP Home Window with Help tab clicked from the top ribbon. It has multiple tabs including About JMP.

  • Click on the Check for Updates hyperlink in blue. If updates are available, it will prompt you to Go to the update site.

About JMP window with Check for updates hyperlink.Pop up window showing that a new version is available. There is button to navigate to the update site.

  • Your default web browser will open and navigate to the JMP website. To download the update, you will need to log in with your SAS account. If you do not have an account, you can select Create profile to make one.

Window for new user to create profile by clicking on create profile button.

  • Select the highlighted link as shown in the below example to install JMP Pro 15.2.1 Version. Next, choose to Agree on the SAS License Agreement for Download.

Downloads and hot fixes window for JMP with the latest available software.

  • The set-up will automatically download. Close any open JMP software prompts.
  • Run the downloaded set-up and authorize the software to make changes to your device.
  • On the JMP Pro 15 – InstallShield Wizard, Navigate Next > Allow the computer to set up.

JMP PRO InstallShield Wizard screen, with Next button at the bottom.

  • Once the maintenance is complete, Click Finish.

JMP PRO InstallShield Wizard final screen, with Finish button at the bottom to complete installation.

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