How to Update Your JMP License

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This article provides information on how to update the license of the installed JMP software. For installation, please follow these steps for Windows and Mac.

Note: Please ensure you are connected to VPN  to complete the instructions given below.


  • Open File Explorer.
  • Click on the Address and enter "\\\UTD\AllShare\". 
    • On a Mac device:
      • Open Finder, press "Command + K".
      • Enter "smb://" and select AllShare.
  • Within the AllShare folder, navigate to Installs > JMP > Windows > JMP # Pro (replace # with the version you are updating the license on).
    • On a Mac devide:
      • Select the Mac folder instead of Windows.
  • Open the folder "sid_files", and there should be a single file in that folder.

Windows file explorer showing the folders available under the latest JMP Pro software folder.

  • Store it to your computer by right-clicking and selecting Copy.
  • Right-click and select Paste in a folder of your choice on your computer.
  • Open JMP Pro # as an Administrator.
    • To do this, find "JMP Pro #" in your Windows Start menu, right-click, and then select Run as administrator.

Windows search bar with results of JMP search. On right clicking the JMP icon a menu pops up with run as administrator tab.

  • JMP may show a prompt that your license is expiring or has expired. Select Open License.

JMP License expiration window with warning message and two buttons - 1.Continue , 2. Open License.

  • Select the file that you just copied to your computer.
  • Do not fill out any of the boxes on the next window. Click Ok.

Window for personalizing the JMP license with fields left blank and OK button at the bottom clicked.

  • You will get a confirmation box stating that the license has been accepted.


If you do not receive the pop-up box, you can manually update the license:

  • From the File menu > New > Script to open a script window.
  • Enter this line: "renew license ();".
  • From the "Edit" menu, select Run Script.
  • In the resulting Renew Your JMP License window, click Open License.
  • At the prompt, navigate to where you saved the "sid_files" and follow the instructions as specified above.


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