JMP Pro 16 Installation Guide (Mac)

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JMP 16 includes enhancements and new statistical and analytic capabilities that help you visualize, examine and model data about your products, processes and customers. Recently, UTD obtained a site license for JMP Pro 16. This software is available to UTD staff, faculty, and students. Below is a guide on how to install this software on a computer running Mac OS.


Off-Campus Pre-Requisites

  • Connect to the UTD VPN.
    • If you have never connected to the UTD, please refer to the OIT’s How-to guide. Follow this link to understand the installation process on MacOS: GlobalProtect VPN Installation
  • After installing and setting up the VPN, please follow the installation instructions mentioned below. 

On-Campus Installation

  • Press Command (⌘) and "K" on your keyboard. This step opens the connect to server dialogue box.

  • After connecting to AllShare, it will redirect you into a window. Select Registered user and enter your NetID and Password. 

  • After entering your details, you will get access to the Allshare folder.
    • In the Allshare folder, navigate to Installs > JMP > MAC > JMP PRO 16.0 > JMP > JMP_Pro > 16_0 > Macintosh > JMP-Install.dmg
  • After clicking on JMP-Install.dmg a prompt is opened to install JMP Pro 16.pkg.

  • Double click on JMP-Install.dmg to open the installer. Click Continue.

  • Select the destination and click Continue.

  •  Check the installation type and click Continue.
  • Click Install.
    • The installer will run for several minutes.

  • Once the installation is finished you will be given an option to either Close the installation window, or Click a link to go online to download JMP software updates. Click the here to go online.

  • Your default web-browser will open and navigate to the JMP website.
    • From here you will be able to view what updates are currently available for JMP Pro 16.

  • If there are any updates, click on Download. You need a SAS Profile to download this software.

Updating the Licence After Installation

  • After installation of JMP pro, return to the Allshare folder and copy the file JMP160_9CJTJH_70255133_OSX_X86-64.txt file and paste it in on your desktop.

  • Search for "JMP Pro 16" on your system and click to open the Software.
  • After the software opens, it prompts you to show the license has expired. Click on Open Licence.

  • After clicking on Open Licence, it will ask you to upload a document from your system. Select the document you Copied from Step 1.

  • After selecting the file, you get a prompt to enter Administrator Name and Department.
    • However, you can leave these fields blank and click on OK.

  • Your license is successfully updated.


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