Restore Shared Drive Files (Windows)


If a file or folder has been deleted from a Department Share drive offering the ‘Previous Versions’ benefit, it may be possible to restore the file or folder with the instructions below. Please note that this process can only be performed on a Windows computer and is unavailable on Mac devices. If you cannot restore the required or access a Windows computer for a file restore, please contact the Service Desk.

Restoring Files

  • Navigate to the directory that contains the folder with the file you wish to restore.
  • Right-click on the folder that contained the file that needs to be restored and select Restore previous versions.

Windows Explorer with a folder selected and right clicked to display a menu with option to restore previous version.

  • In the Previous Versions tab, select the time you wish to restore from and click Open.
  • A new window containing all files in the folder from the selected time will be displayed so you can make sure it is the version you want.
  • Once you have found the correct previous version, please select the previous version file and click on Restore.

Folder properties dialog box with Previous versions tab selected to display the available folder versions to choose from. There is a restore button at the bottom to do so.


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