Manage Outlook Mailbox Delegates (Windows)


Like having an assistant that helps you manage your incoming paper mail, another person (known as a delegate), can receive and respond to email messages, meeting requests, and responses on your behalf. You can also grant them additional permissions to read, create, or change items in your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox.


Delegates have three selectable permission levels with the default level being None.

  • Reviewer: Delegate can read items in your folder.
  • Author: Delegates can read and create items and modify and delete items they create.
  • Editor: Delegate can read, create, modify and delete all items and files.
Note: When you set up delegate or shared access, delegates or users who share those folders have the ability to view your private contacts, events, or e-mail messages by using other software applications. To help protect your privacy, put private items in a separate, non-shared address book, calendar, or mail folder.

Adding Delegates

  • In Outlook, select the File tab.

Screenshot of the outlook "File" Tab

  • Select Account Settings > Delegate Access.

Screenshot of the "Info" section with all the Account Settings

  • In the Delegates panel, select Add.

Screenshot of the Delegate Panel

  • Search for the user you wish to add as a delegate and select their name Add > OK.

Screenshot of the Delegate Panel with all the user list

  • Set the desired permissions level for each function of Outlook and select OK to finish.

Screenshot of the desired permissions section


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