Using Remote Desktop on UTD Computers (macOS)


This guide contains instructions on how to connect to a UTD computer that has been setup for Remote Desktop access, from a MacOS device.


Connect to Your Office Computer

Off Campus

If you are Off Campus, you must connect to the VPN before connecting remotely to your computer.

  • Sign up for Duo, if you have not already.
  • Connect to the VPN.

On Campus

If you are On Campus and have a wired connection or are connected to CometNet, you will not need to connect to the VPN.

Connect from a MacOS computer:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop application. (Available for free in the App Store.)
  2. Open the drop-down and select Add PC.

  1. Fill in the connection details as follows:
  • PC name: The full name of the computer (Example:
  • User account: You can leave this as Ask when required or add your UTD credentials now to avoid having to enter them when you start the connection.
  • Friendly name: This is optional but can be set as any name that will help you distinguish this computer from others you may connect to (Example: "My Office Computer").
  • Group: Can be left as Saved PCs or you can create a new grouping for your connections if wanted.
  • Gateway: Leave as No gateway.
  • Credentials: You may fill out your NetID credentials here. If no credentials are provided, you will be prompted for them every time you initiate the connection.
  • All other settings can be left as their default or edited based on your preferences.

  1. In your list of connections, select the computer you want to connect to and sign in with your NetID and Password.


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