Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Protection (EOP) Email Quarantine

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UT Dallas uses Microsoft Office 365’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP), a cloud-based email filtering service, to scan and quarantine suspected spam, phishing, and malicious messages before they reach your inbox. More information on these services is mentioned below in this article. 


EOP attempts to filter out junk, keeping the Inbox clear of content users don't want to see. Usually, junk mail is delivered to the Junk Email folder. While spam and bulk emails go directly to the Junk Email folder, quarantine holds any potentially dangerous or unwanted messages, such as phishing emails or malware.

To view your quarantined emails, click here. Once there, you can select specific messages to view details about it and take actions such as viewing, releasing, downloading, or deleting the message. Emails in quarantine stay there for 15 days and are then deleted.


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