How to Use CometPrint at a Computer Lab


If you need to print a document without using the email service or Print Center, you can submit your documents directly to the service by printing from the Computer Labs machines. You must have Comet Cash on your Comet Card to print in all labs. Follow the given instructions in this article to print from a computer lab. 


  • Log in to any available desktop in the lab, using your NetID and password.
  • Open the document you would like to print and click Print.
  • In the window that opens, select black and white or color printer depending on your requirement.
  • Swipe your Comet Card at the selected printer.
    • The printer will show all the print jobs that you have queued.
  • Select the documents you would like to print and press Print.
Note: You are responsible for what you print. There are no refunds on printing. We suggest using print preview to review documents before sending them to the printer. Another suggestion to avoid incorrect printing of PDFs is to save the document to the desktop.
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CometPrint allows students, faculty, and staff to quickly and easily print to multiple locations on campus. You can print via email, print in a Computer Lab or by adding funds to your account.