Approvals Overview in Galaxy


This article has information about the main aspects of the new Galaxy Fluid approvals.


Fluid Approvals

  • A one-stop page where users can approve FMS and HCM transactions.
  • Replaces the use of a worklist for workflow approvals.
  • Approval email communications and links still work.

Accessing Approval Tile

All UTD employees can access this tile in two places:

  1. On the Gemini for Departments homepage:

  1. Under the Navigator:

Pending Approvals

  • View by drop-down to group pending approval items.
  • Filter approval item results.

Pending Approvals – View By

Type (default):


                     Date Routed:                          





Pending Approvals – Filter

Approval Items

  • Depending on the type of transaction, useful fields are presented.

  • Clicking on an approval transaction will redirect you to the necessary page to review that separate transaction and take the requested actions.


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