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The table below outlines the change history for REDCap versions currently in use at UT Dallas.


Version Dev Prod Change Log New Features/ Updates
14.3.13 X X REDCap 14.3.13

New Features: In online designer, you can now Ctrl-click
multiple fields to merge into a matrix of fields and you
can now split a matrix into individual fields. Additionally, a
yellow star is now displayed on fields marked as an
identifier in the Online Designer.

Updates: Medium security fixes, minor bug fixes

14.1.4     REDCap 14.1.4

New Features: New "Read Only" user privilege for User
Rights page

Updates: Major security fixes, minor bug fixes

14.0.2     REDCap 14.0.2 New Features: PID number for projects now displayed on the
My Projects page for all users

Updates: Security fixes and minor bug fixes
13.9.1     REDCap 13.9.1 New Features: New text string functions, new math functions

Updates: Security fixes and minor bug fixes
13.8.0     REDCap 13.8.0 New Features: Background Data Import

Updates: Security fixes and minor bug fixes
13.7.2     REDCap 13.7.2 Updates: Minor bug fixes
13.7.1     REDCap 13.7.1

New features: New Multi-Language Management
workflow for adding new languages to projects,
plus many other improvements.

  • Improved workflow and user interface
    for adding new languages to projects.
  • Project languages can now "subscribe"
    to system languages 
  • Editing/updating of existing languages has been
    redesigned and split into separate edit
    (rename, etc.) and update (sync with system
    languages or import translations from files) dialogs.
  • Added an option to download (empty - i.e. without data)
    PDFs of all or individual instruments.
  • The default setting for the ASI Language Source is
    not "Language preference field" (instead of "User's or
    survey respondent's active language").
13.4.13     REDCap 13.4.13 Updates: Medium security and bug fixes
13.4.12     REDCap 13.4.12

Updates: Major Security/Bug Fixes + several
minor bug fixes

13.4.11     REDCap 13.4.11

Feature: Descriptive Text Fields that contain in-line 
PDF Attachments now have adjustable PDF frames

Updates: Major Security/Bug Fixes

13.4.10     REDCap 13.4.10 Major Bug Fix
13.4.9     REDCap 13.4.9 Patch Notes Major Security Fix
13.4.8     REDCap 13.4.8 Patch Notes Major Security Fix + Several Bug Fixes
13.4.6     REDCap 13.4.6 Patch Notes

UK Postal Code was added

Strike through tags are allowed in field labels,
survey instructions, etc

13.4.0     REDCap 13.4.0 Patch Notes Mosio Integration
13.3.4     REDCap 13.3.4 Patch Notes New File and Field embedding in Alerts and ASI's
13.2.4     REDCap 13.2.4 Patch Notes

MyCap Integration

Restructured File Repository

12.5.12     REDCap 12.5.12 Patch Notes

Repeating Automated Survey Invitations

Embed images in text and emails

Download all files in a record

12.4.7     REDCap 12.4.7 Patch Notes

Conditional logic for Survey Auto-Continue

Dynamic Min/Max range limits

Survey Start & Duration Smart Variables

Instrument-level Data Export Rights

New Survey Settings (Integration of Survey-UI Tweaks EM)

Calendar Sync

12.0.20     REDCap 12.0.20 Patch Notes  
12.0.13     REDCap 12.0.13 Patch Notes  


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