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Project status reflects where in the project life cycle that project is. There are four REDCap defined status’: Development, Production, Analysis/Clean-up, and Completed.

Development: All new projects start in Development. While in Development, users can design, built, and test the project. All design decisions can be made in real time and are implemented immediately to the project. All survey and data-entry features and functions can, and should, be tested at this stage.

Production: After thorough testing, the project can be moved from Development to Production status by clicking the “Move project to production” button at the  bottom of the Project Setup page. Most of the survey and data-entry features/functions will be exactly the same as they are in Development with the exception of some Project Setup features.

To make changes to the project while in Production, the user will need to enter Draft Mode before editing the project’s instrument(s). Since Draft Mode is required in this stage, changes to the instruments will not be made in real-time. Rather, users must submit changes for review before the survey and data-entry forms reflect those changes. REDCap Administrators will review the changes before either approving said changes or reaching out for more information.

Analysis/Clean-up: When the data collection process is complete, the project can be moved to Analysis/Clean-up. At this point, REDCap will disable most project functionality (such as Alerts and Notification, Automated Survey Invitations, and other features typically used during data collection), although collected data will remain intact. (Note: Once in the Analysis/Clean-up stage, the project can be moved back to Production at any time to continue data collection.)

Completed: Once a project is through the Analysis/Clean-up stage, and it is sure no one needs access to it anymore and the data needs to remain intact, the project can be moved to Completed status. A completed project can only be accessed by a REDCap Administrator and only they can change the project status back to Analysis/Clean-up.

Once a project is moved to completed status, the project will be taken offline and the project will be hidden from every one's project list. It can be viewed by clicking the small “Show Completed Projects” link at the very bottom of the “My Projects” page. Clicking this link will make your completed projects appear in the same project folders that they were originally assigned to.


How to change the REDCap Project Status

From Development to Production

Once a project has been through testing and is ready to be in Production:

  1. Navigate to the Project Setup page.

  2. At the bottom of the Project Setup page, click the “Move project to production” button.

  3. A survey will appear asking for information that will help move the project to production more easily. Once that form is submitted, the REDCap team will be notified, where they will review your project and either move your project to production or will reach out if there are questions. 


From Production to Analysis/Clean-up

Once data collection has wrapped up, a project can be moved to Analysis/Clean-up Status. To move a project to Analysis/Clean-up:

  1. Navigate to the Project Setup page.

  2. Next to the Project Setup tab, click the "Other Functionality" tab.

  3. Click on the "Move to Analysis/Cleanup status". 


Analysis/Clean-up to Completed

Once data collection and analysis has wrapped occurred, a project can be moved to Completed status. To move a project to Completed status:

  1. Navigate to the Project Setup page.

  2. Next to the Project Setup tab, click the "Other Functionality" tab. 

  3. Click on the "Mark project as Completed". 
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