Checking/Managing Sympa Mailing Lists


The scope of the article is to help you check and manage the email lists you are subscribed to using Sympa. Sympa is a mailing list management tool that enables a group of subscribers to receive all messages sent to the list.

Checking Which Lists You Are a Part Of

Note: The screen will say email address, but you should only enter your NetID as shown in the image.​​​​​​

Sympa login screen.

  • Select My lists.

Sympa Home Screen with two tabs - My Lists, Search for list(s).

  •  You can also go to the upper right corner that displays your name and choose My lists from the drop-down.

Sympa Home Screen with Profile icon selected to display drop-down menu with option My Lists.

  • You can see all the email lists you are a part of and your role in the list, such as a subscriber/owner.

My Lists Page.

  • If you click on the list, you can unsubscribe or get more information about this list.

Home Page for a selected list with navigation pane showing tabs including subscribe options and unsubscribe.


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